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Icons and AMV

Happy december everyone!  (Guess what!  It just snowed here.  Just a little bit, but hopefully there shall be more, to make the cold weather worth it.

I have icons and an AMV.  

Icons- FMA, Ergo Proxy, Utena, FMA/Buffy, Spongebob, Misc.  (Hey,

fourtonmantis!  Long Queen Victoria is LOOOOONG!.)
AMV- Ergo Proxy- "Tourniquet" by Rasputina.  (Shut up!  I wub them!)


Icons.  Credit if you like.  No hotlinking.  If you want bases/screenshots, I'll put them up too, (Since I know I'm not very good with graphics, and not always the best with good captions, so some of these would probably make brilliant icons in the hands of someone more skillful with photo editing.



FMA/BTVS  (Yay for In-jokes)


  (I tried this concept a few times and it didn't turn out well.  Still not perfect, but :x)

Ergo Proxy

 The Shifty-eyed Re-lRe-l.  In two different speeds- 1 2)

Yay Re-lxVince!


Kazkis x Vincent


Daedalus/ DaedalusxRe-l

    (<-Caption kind of ganked from White Stripes song of same title)



("Shut up And Sleep With Me" is a song by... crap, I don't remember.  If you don't know who the second song lyric is by, you are very lucky.)

I need to make more Pino icons.  <333

Spongebob-  I just had to use this picture.  Forgive me.



These were inspired by This Page, and a conversation between myself and fourtonmantis AMV The song "Tourniquet" is originally by Marylin Manson; this version is a cover by Rasputina.  Please excuse the mediocre video quality.  I went through a *lot* of technical difficulties with this video.  :(   (PS- stick through to the end for a very special Bonus feature) Oh yeah.  And the video contains SERIOUS SPOILERS, SRSLY! (No Youtube link.  All the comanies involved in EP's production have their panties in a bunch about keeping all their material off of Youtube, and that's their right, so no Youtube.  You can get the file instead in its full crappy quality.) Link To Megaupload.
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