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A slightly more serious Greed/Envy note

I'm keeping this tentative first draft locked at first, in case there are any of you on my dear f-list with a beta-ish eye for me.  Or an idea for a title, because as if I don't already suck at titles, I'm pooped out as for a title on this one, so please pour in suggestions.

(Edit- I guess it's good to go, then.)


Greed had enough foresight to take a moment to himself in anticipation of Envy's presence. He could tell from the moment they locked eyes in town that afternoon (The old beggar woman's face hadn't fooled him; no matter the shape and color of the eyes or the features that framed them, Envy's glare was unmistakeable- a spite that was everpresent, belying a monotonous ancient scorn) that something odd was afoot.

He could almost feel that gaze upon him now, in the seclusion of the dingy back room, and perhaps that was only out of his apprehensive desire to at least sense something before the lean figure in the window got the first word in. So silent were the footfalls, it wasn't really surprising that Envy was as skilled of a soldier as he was. Even Dorochette hadn't yet sensed anything with his canine instincts, for he would have immediately brought it to Greed's attenton and come knocking on the door if he had.

That was hardly a surprise. Envy didn't have much of a scent of his own to begin with; a bloodhound would need several feet of proximity to notice him, or so Greed mused in hyperbole. Soft scentless hair, bland and tasteless skin; that was Envy. A torturous contradiction for the alluring visual appearance he gave out, rousing suspicions of illusion even in an unsuperstitious man as Greed.

He could remember their last encounters before he had rebelled, wrapped in velvet coverlets and expensive sheets, Envy's pale form against the plush pillows; flawless, beautiful and absolutely void of all other sensory attributes- the numerous bottles of wine pilfered from the cellar hadn't been able to sweeten the monster's flavour.

And he seemed the same now, a paper doll against the grubby tavern backdrop, lightfooted, delicate, tempting and luscious to the eyes to the point that Greed was tempted to hazard an experimental sample to determine whether the elder homunculus had aged into anything palletable, or if his outer shell continued to season him in harmony with the monotony of his life.

"I'm going to take a guess," Greed began, turning unsurprisedly towards his visitor, "That you're not just stopping by for tea."

Envy stood, several feet from the couch where Greed was reclining, and clapped his hands, donning a mock jovial little smirk as he retorted,

"Well, I do believe you win the grand world prize for clairvoyance!"

The hairs bristled at the back of Greed's neck as he readied the carbon shield beneath his skin, glaring disinterestedly back at the attempted jester before him. Even when it seemed pretty clear that his life was on the line at this point, he couldn't resist taking a chance to tease.

"Oh, so then you've missed getting laid every night for a hundred and twenty years? So sorry you've been deprived all this time."

Envy mimicked an overblown pout of dissappointment and clicked his tongue.

"Oooh, and here I thought you were a smart boy. Guess you missed the part where that human pastime interests me about as much as paint drying."

Don't say? Little bitch sure made a good show of faking it.

He readied himself for one of Envy's attack warnings that the old Sin seemed to be fond of using to complete his cliche'd role of psychopathic killer- 'Prepare to die', 'See you in Hell',- tacky little phrases like that. He certainly hadn't been expecting a bored little inquiry of

"So where's the booze?"

Greed only blinked in surprise, and Envy rolled his eyes as he folded his arms behind his head, heading for the cabinets on the lounge wall,

"It's a damn tavern, don't tell me you don't have a little something for your guest."

Greed's confusion and worry fluxed briefly, as his mind drifted back to the safe fact that the skull was under Martel's watch currently.

A loud squeak made him cringe as Envy pushed open the oak cabinet doors where all the fancy aged liquors were kept.

"Ooh, this looks expensive..." Envy hummed, selecting a bottle of brandy for himself. Taking note of Envy's costume (hadn't changed in years) Greed grew a bit more at ease; Envy couldn't possibly be hiding any remains in that little getup, so any struggle to ensue would be a draw at worst. Odd that he would stop by just to steal a drink, though.

"For someone who looks down upon 'human pastimes' so harshly, you certainly have fancy taste in their liquor."

"Oh this?" Envy sang sweetly, popping the top off of the ornate bottle, "Boring. I just love to piss you off."

Greed propped his fist beneath his chin over the arm of the beaten sofa, crossing his legs casually. Two could play at that.

"So how's your father dear?" He asked conversationally, mimicking all of Envy's false sweetness.

Envy's glare was a quick, unamused whiplash, and it only took a moment for him to illustrate his non-amusement by demonstratively pouring the first shot of brandy onto the carpet.

"Whoops! Clumsy me." He declared in satisfied monotone, sensing his host growing itchy at the sight of such waste.

'Shit, we were saving that...'

The micro-stalemate was called off when Greed shrugged, feigning indifference, and Envy took his first hearty swig, making sure to let it dribble down his chin just a bit.

He wandered, eyeing the back lounge slash store room of the Devil's Nest disdainfully, sipping as he walked, toeing at the dust covered crates and making faces at the cheap tacky paintings on the walls. Greed was drawn to his movements, a magnetic sort of fixation on the motion of Envy's deliberately slow steps, the decided sashay of his narrow hips, the way he stretched his lanky limbs ever so tantalizingly when he knew Greed was watching him, ravenous for his chosen body. Some men, Envy knew, were all too easy to keep under control. Greed still hadn't changed, even after a century.

"This place sucks," Envy finally appraised, one gloved hand on his hip and the other bringing the bottle back to his lips as he leaned over the opposite end of Greed's couch, "Honestly, I thought you had better taste than this."

Greed shrugged once again,

"What can I say? I have low standards. I did bang your mom, after all."

Envy seemed slightly less annoyed by this comment, deciding to seat himself on the badly upholstered arm and continue his little show of teasing, stretching and arching his back to sit up straight, crossing his lean legs daintily, wiggling his bare toes, pressing a feminine finger to his lips,

"Among other family members..." he responded, eyes sparkling in enchantment with the control he still posessed.

Greed leaned back, arms slung over the edges of the couch,

"Hmm, yes, but I don't regret that," he declared, a toothy lecherous grin waxing brightly.

Envy took another satisfied swig of his drink, gulping with all the pleasant sound of diamonds rolling down the sewer drain, and Greed's grin ebbed ever so slightly with a hardening gaze. He raised a hand and crooked a finger at the shapeshifter balanced several feet from him. Said shapeshifter cooly complied, stepping once again, agonizingly slow, knowing he had Greed entranced.

"Want some?" he asked blandly, holding up the quickly dwindling bottle in his hand. Greed smoothly and quickly hooked an arm around the small of Envy's back, throwing him off balance enough to accomodate by straddling Greed's legs and propping himself up with one arm against the back of the dirty red sofa.

"Why did you come here?" Greed inquired sternly, his eyes slipping into demanding slits, locking Envy's gaze as their faces hovered closely, "Did that bitch really think you could 'take care of me' alone?"

Instead of responding in kind, Envy grinned, and giggled with the quickly edging intoxication his subhuman body allowed him.

"You big baby, I only tried to kill you twice-"

"Three times," Greed corrected.

"What-? Oh, that time with Gluttony doesn't count. I was pissed. Just two times, no need to be such a hard ass about it."

"Then why?" Greed still wasn't amused.

"God, you're boring. Here, loosen up." Envy tilted the bottle and liberally dumped a portion of its contents onto Greed's face.

"Envy!" Greed was more sharp now, giving a quick tug to Envy's torso, not missing the opportunity to run a hand along the shapeshifter's conveniently close backside, more out of a need to provoke him out of his complacence than anything. Envy snapped in resistance, and his hand was caught by Greed, who continued to hold him still.

Relenting, Envy held up the bottle to Greed's lips, and Greed complied only enough to bite down on the glass neck, his sharp teeth producing an appropriately agonizing screeching sound, and earning an adequately scornful expression from Envy.

"That's disgusting!" he whined snobbishly, trying to yank it back, and Greed had to grin to himself.

This coming from a bastard who didn't hesitate to carve off peoples' faces with rusty knives... oh Envy was such an amusing little bundle of ironies at times.

Envy snapped the bottle away, cracking it in the process, and Greed smiled triumphantly, spitting the resulting shards past Envy's face, just barely nicking his neck. He seemed too drunk to bother healing such a small wound, and settled, now straddling Greed's lap with a comical pout as he declared plainly,

"You're bleeding."

"Kiss it better?" Greed offered, raising an eyebrow, satisfied when the smallest smirk piqued on the corners of Envy's mouth as he leaned forward to comply, Greed's hand now at the back of his head aiding the short journey to lock their lips at a needy rendezevous.

Oh sure, Greed was easy; he knew he was easy, but in his years of experience he knew that Envy was too. Envy didn't like kissing in and of itself, but he sure as hell liked being paid attention to. And he certainly got that as Greed guided their kiss, slow and deep, as he probed patiently for flavour, sought discovery of some change in Envy's pliant mouth, but all he could sample was the lingering taste of brandy, sweetness lost in the ever neutralizing nothingness of Envy.

He pulled back, disappointed, noting without surprise that Envy didn't react to a kiss like that as a normal human, or even another homunculus such as Greed himself would have; cheeks flushed, lips reddened, blood charged and ready for more.

No, his face was still sculpted, attractive, untouched and pure pale as ever, his lips as white and cold as the rest of him.

Blanche, Weiss, hollow and purely aggravating, that was Envy again for you. The only outstanding color was the trickle of false blood against his neck that he either hadn't noticed, or just hadn't bothered to transform away.

Driven by a sensual impulse, Greed ventured to lap up the thin line, savoring finally the bitter taste of salt, iron, traces of red stones and alcohol in his inhuman bloodstream.

Envy only blinked dully in reaction to Greed's mouth on his neck, until he unexpectedly felt teeth sink into his skin, and let out an unguarded noise of surprise, pleasing Greed immensely at his first success at making Envy react out of turn.

Aside from the initial shock, though, Envy seemed annoyingly unconcerned at the fact that Greed was nursing away from the storage of his life source.

'The little shit probably gets to eat red stones for breakfast,' Greed thought bitterly, biting down harder, savoring Envy's second surprised groan as he fortified his grip on Greed's shoulders.

And then, Envy chuckled. Not loudly, or mock-sweetly as before, but with subtle malice in the soft barely noticable noise.

"You can suck all you want; it won't matter," Envy teased, as Greed continued intently, "I just stopped by today because I felt nostalgic enough to see you one last time. You're gonna die soon anyway."

There was a part of Greed that didn't doubt his words. And yet, it didn't seem half bad, as he reviewed the pathetic existence of the creature sitting in his lap right now, the all consuming vendetta that he existed for... the consistent and pointless goal of revenge and ancient wrath...

'At least,' he thought, giving a pensive lick to the puncture wound, 'I lived.'


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