Toby (t3h_toby_chan) wrote,

Multimeda dump!

Sketches and drabble anyone?

Okie dokie then.


100 word drabble- Winry/Lanfan, because... I'm not sure why. It just came to mind, and I got to wondering why nobody thought of it before. I dunno. G? Nothing's happening, so it could almost be gen. (Isn't that how most of my pairingfics are?)


She was blushing when she noticed Winry had removed the measuring tape from her shoulders, fingers taking place in a gentle tracing of the exquisite curve of muscle and bone beneath pale skin. Along her spine, shoulderblade, even to the edge of marred flesh that made the girl cringe out of more shame than discomfort, her fingertips followed, memorizing more than measurements could. Moments like these reminded her how truly beautiful the human form was, surpassing even her beloved machines. When Lanfan made a light noise, Winry drew away, blushing in apology. 

"Sorry... you have a strong back."

ART- doodles.

I discovered the fun of watercolor pencils. Where have these been all my life? After drawing some really crappy flowers in class, having nothing to do for the last few minutes, I did a quick sketch of pre-Lust. (I didn't finish it, so my friend let me borrow her pencil set. <3) I love painting subjects with dark skin tones. They're so lovely. This is on pretty crappy paper- just a few scraps that were meant to be used as blending palletes which I slyly yoinked from the teacher's desk. 

Blah.  Her eyes suck.  What is it with me and eyes?
I don't know why, but I drew a very sad amputee wrath. (Sketched during psych; water added later while I was watching TV) The cloth around him... well, my thought was that it's probably a piece torn from Rose's dress while she helps to take him out of the city. Poor shrieking burnt child.

I also tried my hand at digital again.

It's official.  I royally suck at this.

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