Toby (t3h_toby_chan) wrote,

Winry Facts- Version 2.0

    1. # There really is no Amestris Military; just a group of wusses in uniform who banded together for fear of what Winry might do to them in smaller numbers.
    2. # Winry dosen't learn alchemy because she has no need for it; she already saw the gate and gave it such a bitchslapping that it now does her bidding.
    3. # Only Winry has the power to wield The Wrench. It was rumoured that a man touched it once and remains comatose to this day.
    4. # Winry can drive a car with no engine in it.
    5. # Winry's ears aren't pierced; the earrings are merely an extension of her pure steel blood.
    6. # Winry has a homunculus power; the ultimate everything.
    7. # Winry does not get pissed easily; she has mild happiness fluctuations. The last time she was truly pissed off, it created the philosophers stone.
    8. # Contrary to various popular beliefs, the Gate only funnels a small runoff of the power of Winry's awesomeness as energy for transmutations.
    9. # Winry has successfully impregnated Envy.
    10. # And Greed.
    11. # Winry surpasses equivalent trade and gets change back.
    12. # One time, Winry rocked so hard it killed a man. Twice.
    13. # Winry does not have a fetish for autromail. Automail has a fetish for Winry.
    14. # Winry knows the Truth.
    15. # Winry is the Truth.
    16. # Winry once threw a wrench out her window at Edward, however she threw it so hard it went into orbit. Several weeks later it came back down to earth, this is what led to Roy Mustang needing to wear an eyepatch. -tehkev
    17. # Winry is actually the dog. The blonde girl is a fully-functional automail doll made by the dog so as to avoid repetetive explanations.
    18. # Winry is the actual forger of The One Ring. Sauron's entire automail body was contained within The One Ring. Without it, EYE.
    19. # If Winry had built the Death Star, things would've been different.
    20. # Winry is blonde because she's permanently in Super Saiyan mode.
    21. # Winry delivered all the Gate Babies. (See "Greed" and "Envy" entries)
    22. # Winry created the only automail that can reach shikai. If Ed stopped abusing it, he might reach bankai.
    23. # Winry is Naruto's dad.
    24. # Winry designed Howl's moving castle. When he broke the castle, she beat him 'til his hair returned to its original color.
    25. # Winry build a Jeep that transforms into a dragon. (See "bankai" entries.) --domlandbubbles
    26. # Sorry, Naruto. Winry IS the fifth Hokage
    27. # Winry Rockbell, despite popular belief, is the sole inventor both of full prosthetic bodies and the AI behind Tachikoma.
    28. # The only person to beat Major Motoko Kusanagi in a one-on-one fight is Winry Rockbell. All she had to do was throw her wrench, and the Major was crying uncle. --kawaiimae
    29. # Winry actually controls everything. Arakawa is just her puppet. (I don't really mean it , Arakawa-sensei!) -istealboyswings
    30. # The only reason Winry is 2D is because the third dimension commited suicide before she could make it her slave-- Sherlock_nomes

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