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Dude, it's a journal! Below are 10 entries, after skipping 10 most recent ones in the "Toby" journal:

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June 10th, 2011
02:07 pm


And then I wrote another one of these side ficlets
I keep on jumping around the timeline of this AU and doing snapshots. I prefer snapshots to plot fics.  Plot is overrated

This morning I woke up and decided that there needed to be more Grell and Ronald BFF-ness.  Unfortunately the circumstances are Will and Grell having a nasty breakup.  and it's 1,234 words!  8D  And it's partially based on a bunch of headcanons about Ronald that a few folks were throwing around on Tumblr.  (Sadly, however, this installment does not involve motorboating)

I wonder if I'll ever actually, like, publish these stupid things.

(This is, once again, that modern AU, Grell is a couple years post-op, and is no longer on the squad.)

"Ronald... I think you're gay."

Ronald owns more hair products than Grell doesCollapse )

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June 9th, 2011
04:59 pm


Guess what arrived in the mail today!

Now to style it!

I also finally got the missing part I needed to fix my sewing machine since April so now I can actually sew stuff. 

But I'm missing my silver leaf for the death scythe.  And also I now want to make rapiers so I can possibly cosplay as Lizzie.  It wouldn't make sense to be badass!Lizzie and not be double-wielding. 


I'm also trying to learn received pronunciation so I can speak like an elegant motherfucking English lady when I cosplay.  I feel a lot like Eliza Doolitle.


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June 8th, 2011
10:24 pm


Fluffy Kuro fic
So, I'm waiting on a beta to get back to me with edits for this modern AU fic where Will and Grell are cops.  I'm really antsy to start talking about more of this AU, and I even made a huge list of little headcanon facts about it with all the little minor details that may or may not ever make it into another fic with this universe. 

Even though it's largely about Grell, Hannah made a mention for one paragraph, and subsequently, on the headcanon list, and she (and her BBs) started eating away at me.  So I wrote a cliched sappy little ficlet on a whim.  It's about Alois and Luca.

I also want to write about a thousand other little ficlets about these three, and also about Grell babysitting for them and lksdjg;lkjgklj

I think you should be nicer to miss HannahCollapse )

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June 6th, 2011
06:49 pm


Takarazuka stuff
In the Takarazuka Revue (an all-female theatrical company in Japan; very elite, popular company with a complex history I won't get into much right now), there are two assigned roles: The Otoyaku and the Musumeyaku.  These are usually assigned at the end of a student's first year at the Takarazuka academy, and they remain static throughout the actress' career.

The Otoyaku (Literally "Man role")- is an actress who has been assigned to play male roles.  The Musumeyaku (Literally "Daughter Role") is assigned to play female roles, but it's not always as simple as that.  The Musumeyaku are limited by the constraints of a very specific kind of assigned femininity, (Further enforced and evidenced by their infantalizing title of 'daughter'), and when a role for a seductive, aggressive, strong or sensual female character comes up, no matter how otherwise feminine, the role is assigned to an Otoyaku instead.  (The first example given in the text I read was Scarlett O Hara in Gone With The Wind.)

Here's a scene from the (Moon Troupe) Revue's performance of Me and My Girl, with a Japanese rendition of "You would if you could"  Both Bill (the cockney-speaking common man) and Jacquline (the elegant lady who is pursuing him) are played by Otoyaku.  (Jaqueline is played by Rio Asumi, Bill is played by the popular Jun Sena.)

(Both of these actresses are a riot to watch, and I'm also sort of intrigued by the translation of cockney dialect.)

Really interesting to note the implicit divorce of femininity from traits such as sexuality, sensuality, assertiveness, etc, and the relegation of femininity to a much more restrictive childlike archetype.

(Also fandom derping; is it just me or does Jaqueline remind anyone of Grell here?  I mean, except for wearing BLUE.  Maybe it's just the way she pouts and says "Bill~", but lol.)

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June 1st, 2011
11:20 pm


I'm a lesbrarian today.

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May 31st, 2011
02:15 pm


I have decided that this summer I am going to wear lots of white to show off how pink I am.

That's a lot of pink.

I need a real corset.

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12:22 am


Reconsidering Pimps and Whores
This is something I'm immensely guilty of (and was even moreso in the past), so I'll just disclaim this post with that much- these are words I have used a lot, often without thinking about them, as most people do.  Words are powerful and always worth examining, reconsidering, recontextualizing.

We always use 'pimp' as a term of praise (or just as a literal descriptor).  Whore is the opposite; it's an insult (in the same context, ho, bitch, etc).  I've never heard them used otherwise.  (Bitch in a non-prostitution context is often reclaimed as praise, but that's a difference in nuance for another day)  To be a pimp is to be in control; to be a wealthy successful, fancy person to be feared and admired.  To be a whore is to be low, weak, subordinate, worthy of shame and disdain. 

This is disturbing if the literal terms are to be considered.  Even in the first world, a large percentage of sex work is based on coercion and human trafficking.  Pimps are almost universally rapists and slave traders.  Whores (We're not discussing the oft-romanticised 'happy-hooker' sex workers who willingly choose the profession with no coercion and are safe and successful.  Yes they exist and they should be the norm, but unfortunately, they are not.) are often victims; are often underage, are often deceived, manipulated, forced with violence into the trade and are raped as a matter of course.  Regarding these two types of people as respectively worthy of admiration and disdain is supremely messed up.

Even supposing, for a moment, that the minority of workers in the sex trade as happy consenting adults were the rule and not the exception, (And it won't so long as our society continues to view the bodies and sexualities of women and children as commodities to be consumed and controlled by men), it doesn't change the fact that:

Pimps sell human beings.
Pimps sell human beings.

Why is this so casually considered admirable? 

Because kyriarchy, that's why.

Yes, of course, slang and swearwords are not literal.  But to claim that these terms as they're used colloquially are completely removed from their original context would be disingenuous.

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May 30th, 2011
10:49 pm


"You see, all Wiccans are born beautiful. We're a bit like our cousins, the Gypsies, we use our seductive nature and looks to lure our prey in and then...checkmate." Sebastian/OC. WARNING: LANGUAGE AND SEBASTIAN TORTURE! NO WORRIES! NO MARY-SUES!

I... where to even start?

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May 28th, 2011
07:18 pm


I didn't get anything useful done today
And I now officially despise foam board.

But I did get silly and make this.


The sad part is that the dance and the song sync up more perfectly when I do no editing at all.  orz

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May 27th, 2011
02:09 am


Writer's Block: Fast-food TV
Are there any dreadfully bad TV shows that you wouldn't want your friends to know you watch? Confess! (This is LiveJournal, where we love you unconditionally.)

I'd say Kuroshitsuji and Hetalia, since those are indeed the mainstream anime that will most likely get you looked at funny in nerd circles, but I actually have no shame, so w/e w/e, I'll watch what I want.


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